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PBRS have provided the flowing Links to enable visitors to our Website the ability to research areas of interest in and around the House.  We have gathered these items together in one place for your convenience.
The following links are pdf files.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.  Download your free Acrobat Reader here

Timber QLD Data Sheet 4 – Residential Timber Decks
Timber QLD Data Sheet 13 – Residential Timber Decks close to Ground
Timber QLD Data Sheet 14 – Sub-Floor Ventilation
Timber QLD Data Sheet 23 – Timber Handrails and Balustrades
Timber QLD Data Sheet 24 – Recommendations for use of H3 Timber products
Body Corporate – A quick Guide to Community Living in QLD
A Simple How to Guide to Preventing Structural Damage to your Home
Facts for Home Builders and Renovators
Standards and Tolerances Guide
How to Maintain your Home Facts Sheet
Building Defects – QLD
Deck, Balcony & Window Safety Guideline

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Legislation
Smoke Alarm Maintenance and Replacement
Smoke Alarm Types
Smoke Alarm Installation


Asbestos – A Guide for the Householder and General Public
Asbestos Fact Sheet
Common Locations of Materials containing Asbestos in a House
Asbestos in the Home
Asbestos – A Guide for Minor Renovation


Termite Management Booklet
Dry-wood Termites – Termite Control in Buildings
Timber QLD Data Sheet 12 – Termite Management
Termite Risk Management
Subterranean Termite Infestation in Buildings


QLD Development Code MP3.4
Guideline for Pool Owners and Property Agents
Does your Pool Pass the Test Fact Sheet for Pool Safety