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Our Business

PBRS are a Family Owned and Operated Business, we are not a member of a Franchised group and we have no affiliations with any Real Estate Agents.

Prompt Professional and Courteous Service

For the majority of Inspections, PBRS email the Report to Clients within 24hrs (two working days) of the Inspection. We may be able to have the Report available earlier, if a Client has an urgent requirement and informs us early. Please discuss your situation with us at the earliest opportunity.

Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

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Our Service Area

PBRS perform Building and Pest and other Inspections in all suburbs of Brisbane and nearby South East Queensland locations. 

Premium Report

PBRS provide Premium Reports at all times; we don’t offer variants of standard or premium levels of Reports as other report providers suggest; our Reports are always conducted to the highest level of professionalism and we never compromise on quality. “See an Example Report”

Accurate and Thorough Inspections

The PBRS Inspection Process has been developed to cover every important aspect in delivering a quality and comprehensive Inspection Report. PBRS Inspectors use a range of specialised equipment, including Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters and Borescopes which are used as necessary in every Inspection to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. “See Specialised Equipment”

Clarity of Reporting

All PBRS Inspection Reports are presented in an easy to read manner. We try to keep technical terms to a minimum to avoid confusion in understanding our detailed Reports. “See an Example Report”

Expert Advice

PBRS Inspections and Reports will highlight Major and Minor Defects with properties on behalf of our Clients and these Reports may also contain advice to engage appropriate building/engineering specialists which, without the Report, you may not have considered.

Building and Pest Inspections with Qualified Electrical Comment

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Electrical Comment

Professional Building Report Services (PBRS) is the only Inspection Report Service which supplies Electrical comment within the Report by a fully qualified Electrician. “See Insurances and Licences”

Fully Licenced and Insured

Professional Building Report Services (PBRS) has all the required Industry Licences and is fully Insured, holding both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance through QBE Insurance. “See Insurances and Licences”

Professional Development

PBRS Inspectors have a wealth of knowledge and experience. However, PBRS recognize the need for ongoing Professional Development and our Inspectors continue to update their knowledge by participation in seminars and workshops conducted by the QLD Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Timber QLD, Master Builders, Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) QLD, Institute of Building Consultants and other Industry sources as opportunities arise.

Planning Ahead

PBRS believe that when our Clients are considering renovation projects, an Inspection Report on a property may determine if there are issues with the property that can be incorporated or addressed during future renovation projects.

Power to Negotiate a Better Price

PBRS believe a comprehensive Inspection Report will help our Clients to attain a stronger position in any ongoing property negotiations. Knowledge is Power.

Great Communications

We at PBRS will make ourselves available to ensure you are well informed. We have normal business hours that cover a broader period of the day and Clients may call us on 3311 3117 at any time should questions arise. Unless we are busy with another Client we’ll take your call and try to assist you at all times.

Knowledge is Power

We at PBRS believe knowing the condition of your property and any potential unforeseen issues and possible associated costs that could arise, empowers you with knowledge otherwise unavailable and can assist you in making better property decisions. Knowledge is Power.