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All Building Inspection and Building and Pest Inspection activities are required to be performed to specific Australian Standards. There are many Standards used by the Building and Construction Industry; you can see some of these are referred to in the Guide to Standards – Building and Construction. You can view this guide by clicking on icon on right.

Building Inspections and Building and Pest Inspections performed by PBRS Inspectors follow the prescribed requirements of the Australian Standards, including but not limited to the following Australian Standards:

AS 4349.0-2007, Inspection of buildings – General requirements, provides information on what should be included in inspection agreements and building inspection reports.

AS 4349.1-2007, Inspection of buildings – Pre-purchase building inspections – General Requirements, indicates how inspection agreements and inspection reports should be prepared and completed by persons and organizations responsible for undertaking pre-purchase building inspections for different types of residential buildings.

AS 4349.3-2010, Inspection of buildings – Timber pest inspections, provides information on methods used to undertake non-invasive timber pest inspections for different classes of buildings.

Within our Reports we will reference Building Codes and many other Australian Standards when referring to particular areas of a building’s structure or finish, for example and not limited to;

National Construction Codes/Building Codes Australia Volume 1 2019
National Construction Codes/Building Codes Australia Volume 2 2019
AS 3660.2 – 2000, Termite Management – In and around existing buildings and structures – Guidelines
AS 3660.3 – 2000 : Termite management – Assessment criteria for termite management systems
AS 3740 – 2010, Waterproofing of domestic wet areas
AS 2870 – 2011, Residential slabs and footings
AS 1684.2 – 2010, Residential timber-framed construction – Non-cyclonic areas
AS 1288 – 2006, Glass in buildings – Section and installation
AS 1926.1 – 2007, Swimming pool safety – Safety barriers for swimming pools
AS 1926.2 – 2007, Swimming pool safety – Location of fencing for private Swimming Pools
AS 3000 – 2018, Wiring Rules