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Client Understanding

You agree to make full payment on or before the day and time of the inspection. PBRS offer a range of Payment methods for your convenience. Payment must be “confirmed” as being received by Us prior to commencement of the Inspection.  By making Payment, I/We are acknowledging I/We have read and agree to the “Terms & Conditions”, I/We accept and agree to be bound by the Pre-Inspection Agreement.

Your Details

If there is anything in this agreement that You do not understand, then prior to the commencement of the inspection, You must contact Us by email, phone or in person and have Us explain and clarify the matter to your satisfaction. Your failure to contact Us means that You have read this agreement and do fully understand the contents.  You agree that in signing this agreement You have read and understand the contents of this agreement and that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with  the “Terms & Conditions”.

Australian Standard 4349.0 -2007, Inspection of Buildings – General Requirements, recommends that every Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Inspection has a Pre-Inspection Agreement, accepted by the Client (or their solicitor) before commencement of the Inspection.

If You fail to notify Us of Your acceptance of this agreement and/or You do not cancel the requested Inspection more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled Inspection time, then it is taken that You agree that this document forms the Agreement between You and Us.

If you have any questions about the Pre-Inspection Agreement or the Terms & Conditions, please don’t hesitate to “Contact Us”.