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  • Our Clients are always welcome to attend the Inspection process, if you can be on site at the same time as the Inspection is being performed.
  • PBRS has no time limits with our Inspections; we perform a professional, comprehensive and thorough Inspection, no matter how long that may take.PBRS full Colour
  • PBRS will deliver by Email, a comprehensive soft copy Report fully compliant with the appropriate Australian Standards, within 24 hours of the Inspection or even earlier if pre-arranged.
  • PBRS use Thermal Imaging Cameras, Borescopes and Moisture meters as standard tools in every Inspection at no extra charge. These devices provide a value added service as we can then report on defects in the physical condition of your assets that otherwise cannot be seen. Some report providers don’t use these types of investigative tools. Many Insurers are now making Thermal Imaging Inspections a condition of their Insurance cover.
  • A PBRS Inspector is also a qualified Electrician and Asbestos Worker. Your Report will identify possible Asbestos products as well as any Electrical situation that may need further attention and this may assist you in removing future safety issues. PBRS are always ready to answer your questions regarding our Reports, just give us a call or visit our “Contact Us” page