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Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Building & Pest Inspection

Building and Pest Inspections are a Combined Inspection. This Inspection has become more in demand as buyers and sellers become aware that a comprehensive and broad covering Inspection Report can save them many thousands of dollars if they have early awareness of any issues when buying or selling properties. Our Inspectors have the qualifications and experience in the areas of both Pest and Building matters, and this means there is no need for our Clients to experience the logistical difficulties of organising for two Inspectors to be onsite.

Building and Pest Inspections performed by PBRS include reporting on Decks, Balconies, Electrical and Asbestos conditions that may present as unsafe situations, so we really put a whole new meaning to the term Combined”.

A PBRS Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection and associated Report is an essential tool to ensure you do have the Knowledge to enable you to make an informed decision.   Knowledge is Power “Contact Us”

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Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Building Inspection

A Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Building Inspection is a visual non-invasive inspection performed to the requirements of AS 4349.1-2007, prior to finalising a sale and is usually a condition of a purchase contract. Our qualified and experienced Inspector will search for building faults and other issues and present you with a detailed condition report ensuring that your decision to buy or sell the property is a fully informed one. “Contact Us”


Timber Pest Inspection

A Pest Inspection service checks the property for Timber Pests such as subterranean termites, borers and fungal decay in accordance with AS4349.3-2010.

PBRS report on the location and severity of live pests and any observed damage these pests may have caused the property being inspected. We also report on conditions conducive to future timber pest attack such as inadequate ant caps, areas of moisture and poorly ventilated sub-floor areas.

A PBRS Pest Inspection will identify any threats to the property, charting pest activity, hot spots and any existing visible damage. PBRS Inspectors will perform an internal and external inspection, using Thermal Imaging Cameras and/or Borescopes. These devices assist our Inspectors in their process of thoroughly checking the building and surrounding environment for indications of timber pest activity. “Contact Us”