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PBRS Reports are based on the My Inspection software platform.  We chose this reporting system so that we could develop our own style and structure of reporting to ensure our Clients were getting the best Report possible.  We use plain English terms and do not hide behind confusing codes.  Our Reports have the Summary pages towards the front of the Report and you can use this section to quickly identify all the issues we believe you need to have brought to your attention.  We do add photos taken during the Inspection and these photos bring about an accuracy and depth of reporting that otherwise cannot be achieved.
The following links are pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download your free Acrobat Reader here
PBRS Report Examples

Building and Pest Inspection Report
Building Inspection Report
Pest Inspection Report
Pool Safety Inspection Report

The below are examples of Forms which can be used in the process of Inspection and Certification of Pool Safety Barriers.
Pool Safety

Form 23 – Pool Safety Certificate (example)
Form 26 – Pool Safety Non-Conformance Notice (example)
Form 36 – Notification of No Pool Safety Certificate (example)