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PBRS can provide a Report for Landlords that endeavours to identify potential safety hazards to the property.

Landlords are required through duty of care to ensure a dwelling is safe. If your property is not maintained in a safe condition, then you are likely to be in breach of your Landlords Insurance and or Building Insurance conditions.  Most insurers require a Landlord to maintain the property in a safe condition at all times.

Many Landlords may not be aware that the dwelling they offer for rent may have safety issues that could result in legal action against them. This is more common with older dwellings that comply with older Building Codes, but do not comply with today’s Building Codes and Standards which could become an issue if legal action is taken.

There have been some horrific accidents of late involving older Deck & Balcony collapses.

A PBRS Inspection will include identifying if handrails to stairs and decks & balconies meet current legislation. This Report will also identify whether water closet doors meet current standards and whether window heights meet current standards.