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QBCC’s Rectification of Building Defects Policy requires building contractors to correct any Non-Structural Defects or omissions which were documented and agreed to at handover within six months after completion of the work as well as additional reasonable defects identified within the first six months after Practical Completion.

Queensland building contractors also have responsibility for Structurally Defective building work (leaking roof, leaking shower, health and safety issues, structural inadequacy, etc) of residential building works undertaken by them for a statutory period of no less than 6.5 years from date of Practical Completion

A PBRS End of Warranty Inspection focuses on uncompleted items or omissions identified during the original Contractor Practical Completion Inspection (if available). A PBRS Report documents any additional Defects that have arisen since completion of the dwelling, which may include Structural or Non-Structural Defects (major and minor defects).  Finishes that were accepted by the owner at the time of practical completion may be difficult to repeal, with the exception of non-conforming issues relating to statutory obligations, e.g. Building Codes Australia, Australian Standards and the like.  Our assessments also take into account and compares with accepted industry standards and practices.

PBRS advise the time frame for lodgement of a complaint with the QBCC should be within 6 years and 3 months from date of Practical Completion, for Structural Defects and within 12 months for Non-Structural Defects.

Structural Defects (Replaces Category 1 Defects) –

Items adversely affecting the structural performance of a building;

  • Conditions that adversely affect the health or safety of persons residing in or occupying a building;
  • Items that adversely affect the functional use of a building;
  • Conditions allowing water penetration into a building.

Non- Structural Defects (Replaces Category 2 Defects) –

Items that don’t meet a reasonable standard of construction or finish expected of a competent holder of a contractor’s license of the relevant class; or

  • Conditions that may be related to settling of a new building.

UPDATE – QBCC Changes, effective October 2014 –

Defective work after Practical Completion

  1. Structural Defects (Replaces Cat 1 defects) – e.g. leaking roof, leaking shower, health and safety issue – 6 years + 3 months from practical completion
  2. Non-Structural Defects (Replaces Cat 2 defects) – e.g. sticking doors or windows, minor cracking of plasterboard – 12 months from when the work was completed (formerly 7 months)
  3. For both Structural and Non-Structural Defects there is an additional 12 months to lodge a notice about the Defect with the QBCC, providing the consumer has advised the contractor in writing.