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An Asbestos Inspection may be required if Asbestos has been suspected as being present during our Building Inspection or Building and Pest Inspection Services or an Owner or Buyer has their own suspicion the property may contain Asbestos. Buildings constructed prior to mid 1980’s and sometimes up to 1992-1994 can contain Asbestos products of one form or another.

PBRS recommend an Asbestos Inspection which will require invasive activities to take samples from any suspected Asbestos materials, which will then be sent to an appropriately accredited NATA Laboratory for independent testing.

There are many providers of these sorts of services, we can provide details of a firm we have used and have built a level of trust with, please ensure you obtain at least 3 Quotes and ensure they do use an appropriately accredited NATA Laboratory. PBRS are happy to discuss these matters if you have any issues with finding an Asbestos Testing service.

Please be aware, if you do have suspicions of Asbestos materials being present, and you require an Absolute determination, you need to understand there could be an additional 2 days or longer before you do obtain the Test and Results.